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Hey Lovelies!!

I hope you enjoy seeing my classroom! As you can see, this video was made in and of August but it pretty much as it is now except now there is more stuff there hah LOVE YOU!!
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  • I love the color of your classroom. So happy and cheerful. I would have loved going to your classroom 💕.

  • I'm in your class this year. 💖

  • I love it.! I think you did an amazing job and you're right it is a happy room…I absolutely love the colors! Your face lights up when you talk about your classroom and your students…I remember on one video you said teachers are underpaid and I couldn't agree more because you as the teacher help shape a child's future…it's a very important career that carries a lot of responsibility! Same as me I think EMT'S/Paramedics are so underpaid and it's so unfair….everyday you take a chance on getting a serious disease..plus you risk being sued by patients and or the families every time you go on a run…I just feel we are severely underpaid but I love ppl and I love to help…😉✌

  • So glad you are going back to work!!!!!!

  • I LOVE the color or your classroom! Teal or Aqua is one of my favorite colors! And definitely makes the kids want to learn in such a colorful place!

  • Hi Courtney, you have an amazing classroom and I'm sure the students love you and appreciate so much you are their teacher. You can fill the dedication you put in each detail and I know fifth grades can see this. I would like, if possible, to collaborate or work in a unit together with our 5th grades from the International School of Berne in Switzerland. We also have an amazing PYP IB program and our students would love to share some ideas with yours. If you are interested send us an email: ivan.tcherepov@isberne.ch

  • I think you did a GREAT job-classroom is so cheerful and interesting! Perfect for Learning! LOVE IT! Thanks for the Tour-PS You sound great pronouncing – words I am Impressed!

  • Makes me wish I was back in elementary school! Great job!

  • I love your room so much! It is giving me 50's vibes!!! I would have LOVED to have had that as one of my classrooms when I was a kid! ❤

  • what grade/subjects? 🙂

  • Love your classroom Courtney!!!

  • You look like a Victoria Secret model

  • You did an amazing job ❤️😻

  • Aww this is sweet and so colourful. Do you teach a number of different ages, or do you teach the same class all day?

  • What grade do you teach?

  • So happy to see that you’re dedicated to your job. Your classroom looks amazing and everything is so neat and nice! Unfortunately most of my teachers rooms are so bland and unorganized. Im also glad you’re using all of the space on your walls and making all of your writing legible. Wish my teachers would watch this video of how a classroom is supposed to look. Love your videos, have a good day!❤️

  • So happy to see you back in the classroom xxx

  • Omg I really miss that room and you ❤️

  • How is she teaching? I am impressed with her progress but….ummm, to be in charge of students, let alone teaching….she still seems to struggle with her words and situations. I just can not imagine her being alone with a class of children. Did i miss a vlog or something?

  • I wanna be in your class. That looks so fun!

  • You are so phenomenal and I love your classroom it honestly came out great I hope you have a fabulously year I’m so glad you’re back to teaching !! I’m glad you’re doing so well and I am so glad God has his angels back ♥️

    PS I need to go out in the class and learn that board because I do not know my presidents but it’s beautiful and smart

  • You've come a long way! A true warrior! I will keep you in my daily prayers!

  • What grade does she teach?

  • The nails match the room!You rock!!!

  • Amazing,👌🏼💜💙from another teacher in Australia 💕🌷

  • I am happy you were able to go back to work 😊

  • J GJ G

    Author Reply

    Too busy. Try black display backing. Over stimulating…x Not being rude at all. Easy to write on also. Windows open, classical Mozart on. 👍

  • I'm doing my Teacher training next year and I can't wait! You are so so inspirational, so happy you are back teaching! Xx

  • Ah! I love it! I’m so excited for you! ❤️

  • When I was in elementary school, my teachers had the birthdays on the wall. I think it would be cool if you had that too! To this day I can remember the people in my classes birthdays and I’m 18 lol!

  • My gosh you’ve come so incredibly far. Well done. You are an inspiration. And those kids are lucky to have you x