Top 10 Free Mac Games 2019

2019 is an incredibly great year for free Mac games. Let’s take a look!
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10 – Asphalt 9: Legends

Download on the Mac App Store:

Mac Release Date: Jan-2020

9 – missed messages.

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 20-May-19

8 – Vainglory

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 14-Feb-19

7 – RAM Pressure

More info:

Mac Release Date: Q2 2019

6 – Unsung Warriors – Prologue

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 15-Jan-19

5 – Skillwarz

Download for FREE on

4 – BirdGut

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 09-May-19

3 – Albion Online

Download for FREE on Steam:

Free-to-play: 10-Apr-19

2 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Download for FREE on Steam:

Free-to-play: 06-Dec-18

1 – Sky: Children of the Light

Download on the Mac App Store (coming soon):

Mac Release Date: Jul-19


Never Split the Party

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 03-May-19


Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 9-Jan-19


Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 27-Apr-19


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  • Sky: Children of the Light and RAM Pressure have been delayed until later in 2020. Sorry!

  • *Me looking at the video in 2020* 👁👄👁

  • My guy sounds like his nose is blocked

  • Albion Online: Questing is NOT a thing in this game, the quest shown in the video is part of the tutorial. Also worth mentioning that this game is heavily PvP oriented and in the zones that offer the most rewards, it is FULL LOOT PvP meaning, you lose everything you're carrying when you die. There are no character levels in Albion Online. The zones and gear are based on a tier system, 1 through 8. It doesn't take much time to get up into T6+ gear but beyond T4/T5, you will want to farm in the "Black" zones which are full loot zones where most people bring cheaper T4 gear they can afford to lose.

  • I think that Mac 16inch can play these games 🙂 :). I will try it. Thank for sharing.

  • of all the ones i have tried 🔑, APPVAULT .FUN is the only working one currently in 2020 for AppStore ++

  • my problem with skilwors is that my wifi is to laggy to play it ans it sucks

  • Does skillwarz have a big ammount of online players

  • asphalt 9 legend is now my favorate game ever

  • none of them are available on app store except Asphalt 9: Legends

  • the when does it come out in 2020

  • Vainglory is shutting down tho

  • Anyone watching this in 2020?

  • I really liked this video, it was fun to watch and I got just the info I needed!

  • bro hope you see this im like one of the 50 palyers playin skillwarz at the Amsterdam server if you are still playin i'd like to play with you.

  • i cannot get vainglory on my mac 🙁 but imma get it on my ipad but pls tell me how to get vainglory on mac book air

  • useless

  • why the hell is all the Mac games so shit like seriously

  • Message

  • CSGO Doesn't work in Catalina 😭

  • well, if you wanna play vainglory, just play league of legend…I don't know what vainglory is but it looks just like LOL

  • More than half the games are not available on Mac App Store and the rest are " pay and buy ".

  • bird gut missed messages and himno are the best out of them all (in my opinion)

  • sky isnt working on this mac why? its 2020

  • rip missed messages

  • Do I need a controller or mouse to play these games

  • yelllloooo tanks a lot love birdguut

  • I'm so surprised that Sky is coming out on Mac Version

  • Welp

  • it's 2020 and sky isn't on mac

  • MagicMagic

    Author Reply

    Imagine choosing Vainglory over LoL because you dont feel like playing LoL casually

  • Can somebody please help me I tried searching it up in the App Store im so confused

  • Mae BMae B

    Author Reply

    missed messages is the best!

  • ciao sono italiano 🤣🤙

  • I got a new mac but asphalt 9 wont show up when i type it into the app store

  • I would really like to try out skillwarz on my Mac but It won't open. It just says "Cant open this app". Is the game 32bit or something because I have Catalina

  • Did sky come out for Mac??

  • I have the update but none of des games

  • AlexAlex

    Author Reply

    Skill wars 1#

  • why in italy these games are not available?

  • do a compare of windows and Mac and explain how Mac is way better

  • Hey there, I have a mac. And I can't play Asphalt 9. It is already December. And I still can't.

  • I'm an Xbox/PC gamer stuck in a Mac house. Send help.