The Best Ocean Road In The World? Motorbiking Hai Van Pass | Da Nang Day 3


Hai Van pass has been hailed as one of the best ocean roads in the world and in this video we grab some bikes and head off to see for ourselves what all the fuss is about. It did not disappoint – one of the best days of my year so far!

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  1. I just feel like chiming in. I don't know what it is but the video content on this video is extraordinary. It's enrapturing and alluring. You guys could do so much more with hiring a film crew and make a separate channel with just vids and still win. With this last paper, I have to write, I'm kind of stressed, but watching this content distresses and motivates me to do what I need to do to start your four-week course. It seems so long off, November, but I'm just plugging along. Once I write this paper, I'll have a much easier time till I leave for Vietnam. I'll have it finished by this Wednesday, when it's due…..wish me luck. Bye for now

  2. You would think that 2 guys making a vid about a road in Vietnam would do it with decent bikes and not old as fuck teenage girls scooters. But when you see they wear plastic helmets in such a dangerous country, you understand they are not the smartest guys .

  3. The goats can show tourists how to cross the road in Vietnam. Just blindingly bravely walk right into the flow.

  4. Lived at the top of Hai Van pass from Feb to May 1970, ran that road at least twice a week in a 2 1/2 ton truck empty going down and loaded with high explosive coming back up. The ESSo plant at the bottom and the one lane Namo bridge. Up river from the brideh is Hill 90, involved in a few firefights there. Lost a couple friends to snipers there and returned the favor many times.

  5. hey @Ninja Teacher not sure if you noticed but you have a bunch of sensor dust that causes the small black spots. Depending on the camera that you use I may be able to help you clean that for free im In D7. Send me a reply back and ill hit you up on FB – or Stop by my English Club in D3 on Thursday night 🙂

  6. Can white people stop breaking rules in asian countries? Absolute disrespect. Your bike licenses dont work in vietnam

  7. Great video, it looks like you don't have to worry about the cops giving tickets for driving without a Vietnamese license.

  8. The clouds explain the name of Hai Van Pass (Ocean & Clouds). There is another Pass with stunning view from Lam Dong province to Ninh Thuan – Ngoan Muc Pass (the French named it Bellevue)

  9. Hi Alex
    Thanks for posting this video about Hai Van Pass. Actually, I'm a local area, so if you have time in next trip, pls come to my souvenir shop on the top of the Hai Van pass where you can see the big bunkers.
    I can invite you some of cup coffee and talking some more spectacular landscapes in Da Nang and Hoi An

    Steven Le

  10. did u know how to ride motorbikes before going to Vietnam and southeast asia? or learned there? I can't even ride a bicycle…dammmit

  11. This looks awesome! Definitely going to have to plan a trip.

    Great to see Kyle so comfortable in front of the camera, whether it's yours or his fans'.

  12. Does this mean your in da Nang? I would love to buy you a beer, or 10 – you are the reason I came out here. You and Riley


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