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Official music video by Taylor Swift performing “Lover” – off her new album ‘Lover.’ Stream/Download the album here:

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Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift
Producers: Tara Razavi & Megan Gutman for Happy Place, Inc.
© 2019 Taylor Swift

Official “Lover” Lyrics
Written by Taylor Swift

We could leave the Christmas lights up
‘Til January
This is our place, we make the rules
And there’s a dazzling haze
A mysterious way about you, dear
Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?
Can I go where you go?
Can we always be this close?
Forever and ever
Take me out
And take me home
You’re my, my, my, my…
We could let our friends crash
In the living room
This is our place, we make the call
And I’m highly suspicious
That everyone who sees you wants you
I’ve loved you 3 summers now, honey
But I want them all
Ladies and gentlemen
Will you please stand
With every guitar string scar on my hand
I take this magnetic force of a man
To be my lover
My heart’s been borrowed
And yours has been blue
All’s well that ends well
To end up with you
Swear to be overdramatic and true
To my lover
And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes
For me
And at every table, I’ll save you a seat
Can I go where you go?
Can we always be this close?
Forever and ever
Take me out
And take me home
You’re my, my, my, my…
Oh you’re my, my, my, my…
Darling you’re my, my, my, my…

© 2019 Sony/ATV Tree Publishing / Taylor Swift Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Lover. © 2019 Taylor Swift

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  1. Hi Taylor swift I am a huge fan and thank you for all the effort you put in to songs so that we can listen to amazing music,I love your songs 🤗!!

  2. I'm gonna say what I've been thinking for my months.

    This is a Dickbabs song and I can't ever see it relating to any other ship

  3. (Hunting eggs)

    Property of Taylor swift

    Mis🏰 u 🎶 hunny 🐱

    been hunting eggs

    It Easter day ..

    But no candy treats

    Will take away ..

    The love I have ..

    How I mis you .

    The dreams I had

    That won't come true .

    Your hear with me

    Your I my soul.

    No mistery search .

    Will find you though .

    You have my heart .

    You have to know .

    I followed you .

    Through rain n snow .

    December s here

    Times gone so fast .

    No Christmas treats

    But love still lasts

    I lov you Tay

    Times run away .

    I wondering

    You heard me babe ..

    Been hunting eggs .

    Easter again ..

    The sun it shines .

    But ther is rain .

    A years gone bye

    N ..no reply.

    Hope you no babe.

    I lov you Tay. .

    I've got to go .

    I'm so alone .

    I wish you would

    Pick up the phone.

    Id tell you love

    Id sing your name .

    Give you my heart .

    Is be your friend ..

    It Christmas time

    The years go fast.

    One things for sure.

    My love will last .

    I hope you no .

    I lov you so .

    If you don't know .

    My words will show ..

    Been hunting and eggs .

    Another year

    My heart is low .

    Wish you were here .

    I feel alone .

    Left out n cold .

    Just hope you know .

    I love you so ..

  4. I remember how my boyfriend and I listened to this on release day. We were standing in the middle of the room and he had his arms around me while I was tearing up because I loved it so much. It instantly became my new favourite song and throughout the year I kept singing snippets of it to him and told him that one day this would be our wedding song. Two weeks ago we broke up. Now I cannot listen to Lover without ugly crying. It's not going to be my wedding song anymore which is so sad because I really wanted it to.

  5. Taylor is such a beautiful singer and lyricist. Shes one of the best female artists of all time.. And to think she started out as a nervous contestant on American idol now look at her , like one of the brightest stars to ever shine in the sky. The kind you look for to find your way home or to let you know you're not alone. 😎👍


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