Suntour XCR Fork Service – Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble


I show how to tear down, clean, lubricate and rebuild Suntour XCR forks/shocks. This model has lockout. Periodic maintenance will help prolong the life of the fork and maintain performance. Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen. The XCR fork models have varied over the years. This fork is a SR Suntour XCR-32 LO Fork 29″.

* at 7:24 & 7:33 , I said counter-clockwise, but they should be clockwise.

* Use grease made for forks. I use Slickoleum which is also sold under the name Slick Honey. You can also use SRAM Butter or Judy Butter. Use of a grease not made specifically for forks can damage the plastic/polyurethane parts, or otherwise leave the fork not working properly.

Slickoleum 15oz:

Slickoleum 4oz:

Suntour fork tool:


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  2. I serviced my XCR today and everything went well but once it was all back together, the fork made a bit of a scraping noise as it moves through its travel, coming from the non-lockout side. Any idea what it could be?

  3. Hi there. Many thanks for tutorial. All sorted but my mcr is slightly different as in it only has 2 plastic dials on the top, no blue lever. Put all back together but is now permanently bouncy. No lockout or anything. ???????

  4. Hi man, i got around to servicing my XCR fork today and found out that one of the screws from the bottom of the fork just spins freely and does not want to come out, on the preload adjustment side, do you have any ideas on how to remove it?

  5. Hey Rj I was wondering If your fork is the same as mine. Mine is super stiff and barley works and it’s brand new it said 120mm but it’s more like 20 maybe somethings gummed up 🙁

  6. If I am just removing the bottom part of the fork to replace some boots, am I good to just throw the bottom part back on or should I grease it?

  7. Just a little question, when I serviced it I used Mogul la2 grease, it works good, but do you think slickoleum grease can works better?

  8. Hi thanks for the perfectly explained videos on how to rebuild forks.
    I have a set of these on my 8 year old daughters bike, is there any way of making them softer.
    She did have a set of Marzocchi Z1 fligh lights, and I just reduced the air pressure for her weight, but the lowers have split?? I have no idea how she's managed that?

  9. Really just a waste of time. Both RockShox and Manitou have come down in price so much why would you waste your money on a Suntour. And then waste time trying to service it. And some are going to say no they make really good forks now. But they don't it's like the guy who drives the Hyundai and thinks it's better than a Honda or Toyota. Better then than they Used to be,but still garbage in comparison to RockShox and Manitou.

  10. Thanks RJ. I have to overhaul my Suntour fork this week and have the correct tools and grease.

    Quick question(s)….

    Mine has a remote lockout with a cable switch on the handlebar. Should I expect anything massively different or challenging?

    On mine there is also a preset barrel adjuster on the bottom of the fork. Is this something you’re familiar with?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Man ! I swear your video is precious as hell. I'm from France, bought a rather old bike sold by a huge sports brand that has this exact same fork. Unfortunately, they don't provide any tips to clean and service this fork, so I had to scatter all around the web to find how to service mine correctly, and I found yours !
    Again, keep going with your videos, you're awesome, and you're helping people all around the globe !

  12. Thanks for the video, i just bought Epicon Front air fork and the suspension is too hard, any idea how to release the air to make it softer? big thanks!

  13. I turn it counter clockwise but it wont stop??!!i need help please my fork wont rebound to its normal form

  14. So,.. do they make heavier springs for a heavier rider…? Is there only one spring…? I did not know that… 🤔

  15. Hi hopefully u reply to me asap, the One that has caps on it doesn't want to come out. Tried to pull it out worried that Will Broke,

  16. Funny question: is the top cap diameter/threads a standard size? Could I put Chinese/cheap air internals in my old Manitou SX ….?


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