Suntour XCM Fork Service – Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble


I show how to tear down, clean, lubricate and rebuild Suntour XCM forks/shocks. Periodic maintenance will help prolong the life of the fork and maintain performance. Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen. I bought this fork on craigslist for $20. The XCM fork models have varied over the years. This fork is a SF11-XCM-V3-DS-PM-26-120.

There are different versions of XCM forks. This is an SF11. If yours has a lockout, you have a different version. You might check out my video overhauling an XCR fork that has a lockout:

Suntour XCT Fork Service:

* Use grease made for forks. I use Slickoleum which is also sold under the name Slick Honey. You can also use SRAM Butter or Judy Butter. Use of a grease not made specifically for forks can damage the plastic/polyurethane parts, or otherwise leave the fork not working properly.

Slickoleum 15oz:

Slickoleum 4oz:

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  1. Hey @RJ the Bike Guy, could you explain the difference between that XCM and an XCM with hydraulic Lockout? My Scott came with those and is about due for service. Thanks!

  2. Why aren't we just going back to fork covers instead of having to deal with this nonsense every "insert recommended service interval here"?

  3. I have a question. Hope you reply me. I have the XCM30 fork which comes with a remote lockout. In your video, it doesn't have a lock but 2 preload adjusters. If I need to service mine, should I remove only one spring where it has the preload adjuster which is on the left or I need to remove? To remove the lock side, I must unscrew the lock first, then goes same procedures as yours?

  4. You, sir, got another like here. I needed this video, so yet again, thank you, you are helping me alot.

  5. hello, I really like your videos are super informative and I learn from them. I like, if possible, a technical opinion about a Suntour fork that I have that has a problem and I have to fix it because no store where I live does that. The problem with the fork is that it moves back and forth a little bit so that it is noticeable when I brake, I can see it moving slightly in the area of the seals. Is there anything you recommend doing to solve the problem? Thank you so much for your time and keep up the good work.

  6. Thank's a Lot for your video !! I used this video to disassemble other sr Suntour fork's …and I ca say once you got the concept no Suntour fork's can resist to me !!! I already fix 2 of them and I'm going to fix another one soon…The sr Suntour tool was very useful !! And It easy to find on Ebay as you mentioned ….Thank's a lot gr8 job gr8 video !! :-0)

  7. My suntour MG91 fork is very soft unlike what he shows at the end. I have the same caps on the top and any time I try to adjust I just hear like a "pop" as if it they are broken or are already fully extended

  8. great tutorial….i have that brand currently on my bike. it’s getting replaced asap. want something lite and more flexibility in its settings

  9. i have fixings at the bottom of my forks that look like allan bolts but have threads instead ! im puzzled , any useful info. ?

  10. Thank you I’ve been looking for this type of information for a couple of days, to be fair I was scared something was going to break which would mean no ride time, am confident to do the strip down now, except my forks are seized, that might be a two hour video lol

  11. Great detailed video. My shocks are making funny sounds, so I will take them apart using this video. Thanks.

  12. When I took mine apart a bunch of liquid came out. I'm guess hydraulic fluid. So I'm guessing I have to put in what came out. You used grease so I'm wondering if I need to grease and put in hydraulic fluid?

  13. Great video. Anyway to overhaul the fork without the tool¿ can’t order it where I’m at at the moment

  14. Brilliant video, easy to understand – thanks for posting. I have the same fork so I'll do the same disassembly on it to clean it up 😉

  15. How often does this need doing (mileage wise…) or can you tell by travel lessening?
    Thanks, great video!

  16. Thanks for sharing this detailed video… I have to service my fork from my Cannondale and now I know exactly what I will face and what to do… :>))


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