Suntour Fork Lockout Repair


I show how to fix the lockout on your SR Suntour forks. These instructions are for Suntour forks with a blue speed lock lever (hydraulic lock-out). These are the instructions Suntour has on their site to adjust your lockout when your lockout is not working. If these instructions do not fix your lockout, it’s possible your lockout cartridge is damaged or broken. I have seen some replacement lockout cartridges available online. You will have to determine what type your fork needs. Not sure if a non-working lockout cartridge can be repaired. If I get one, I may give it a shot. The forks in the video are Suntour XCR forks.


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  2. Fantastic thanks; fixed my lockout. Spindle was tricky to get out, as had rusted in. But coaxed out after few drops of light oil.

  3. What happens if the 5mm wrench won't stop clockwise? I turned the 4mm clockwise and my shocks went from unable to lock, but now they won't unlock. This is preferred because almost all my riding is on pavement, but does this mean I need to take it into the shop? Also, thanks for the video. My first time watching you and it was great.

  4. Thanks RJ!! Rather new to mountainbiking and bought my first "real" mountainbike a while back ago on a second hand site. Managed to do bottombracket, casette etc etc as this is more or less the same on any other bike. The fork though was difficult (new) to me. Finally managed with the help of your videos. But….the "main bolt" on the lockout doesn't tighten anymore.. Any ideas? Luckily the lockout is stuck in the "open position" and not in the closed.

  5. We followed your video but the five ml bolt won’t do up tight and will just keep spinning around around what do you suggest we do.

  6. Can i contact you Because am stucked with another issue, i can not put LKey on that hole in order to move it on @RJ The bike Guy

  7. Hey man this is super informative. But when I try and tighten the 5mm Allen I can't get it to tighten, it just keeps spinning. The 4mm tightens though. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. RJ you rock
    Taking away the mystique
    I took my voodoo bizango to 2 repair shops and they said naaah we dont touch forks take it back to the manufacturer for fucks sake !!
    So I followed ur instructions
    and within 5 minutes the forks were sorted .
    I just subscribed thanks
    Yr a fucking king !

  9. Thanks for the video. Thought 'someone' had broke my fork. 5 minutes after watching your video, I'm happily riding with a functioning lock out!

  10. Very nice video. I was having problem with that. I was looking in Google and I didn't find an answer. Thanks for ur video brother

  11. I removed the blue cap and there was no bit there that the cap turns just the bolt I wondered why it never worked lol god knows where I will find the bit I need now. Good vid

  12. Mine is not locked even if I turn the inside allen bolt clockwise to the max. Is there something wrong with the inside mechanism?

  13. I have a brandnew XCR fork. Used the lock out about twice before it stopped working. Tried this repair method and still doesnt work

  14. RJ, thank you for the extremely valuable information and very nicely made videos. May I ask you please :
    Is it something to worry about if the tip of the head of the "spindle allen gear assembly" is a bit higher and doesn't seat flat (at same level as the assembly) – I would say 1 mm higher from the flat level of the assembly ? I am sorry my question is not clearly stated but I hope you get the idea : I mean the tip of the head located at the center of the spindle allen gear assembly is 1 mm higher that the surface surrounding it…

  15. I've been repairing bikes since I was a child. No-one taught me, and over time, mainly through trial and error, II earned a reputation for being able to fix almost anything. I don't drive because of my (adult) ADD, so have cycled almost everywhere in my life. Consequently I consider myself something of an expert. Not being arrogant or 'owt like that. It's just accrued knowledge over the last 45 years (I'm 51 now but like I said, been repairing bikes since a child).

    But dang it, this bloke always, and I mean always teaches me something I didn't know before. Brilliant.

    So thanks RJ, and I really mean that. I can imagine that something that took just a minute or so to fix in reality then becomes an hour or two when you add in setting up the camera, various tripod positioning, working the camera itself, all the way through to editing the video and posting it in here for us all to watch, be entertained by and learn something from. Nice one, thank you. 😊


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