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  1. Have you noticed any clicking as the fork starts it’s travel? I’ve heard of people solving it with small rubber o rings to stop a spacer hitting the negative air spring when compressed. Let me know if you have any experience of this! Cheers

  2. Any bike I've purchased, be it 1k or used….them SR Sun Poop come off and go in the garbage. I have a pair of Rockshox Judy from 2001 in better shape and quality than any XCT, XCM or XCR…crap crap products….

  3. Hiya… am in Scotland and I have been unable to find a soft negative spring for 2017/18 Axon elites 29" fork anywhere. Could you ask the guys at Suntour if this even exists?

  4. How does the AION compare to these that you reviewed? I'm seeing them on quite a few bikes now. I currently have a Yari and wondering how it matches up.

  5. Any suggestions on what Suntour fork I need to upgrade to? Currently have 2020 Giant Talon 3 29er with a Suntour XCT. Typically ride XC with some rocky and hilly terrain. Ride the Bentonville, Ark, North Texas, Oklahoma areas.

  6. Rocking the 150mm Aion 35 on my 27.5 enduro bike and the XCR air 34, 130mm ( which I like way more than the Raidon or the Epixon, I have used both) on my 29er full suspension XC bike…been a fan of SR Suntour for many years. I remember back in '98, I was racing on a Marzocchi Z1 and SR Suntour came out with their magnesium fork prototypes…I got to try one out, I remember being pretty impressed. Through the years since, I drifted to riding exclusively Manitou and SR Suntour. Loving the Aion 35!!

  7. I've used the SR Suntour Epixon on two different builds and forget that I got them for $200 each… they perform GREAT and I understand that there are spacers available and that they can be "tuned" in every way that the Big Boy products are!?!?

  8. I'm fork shopping for my new hardtail build, and hoping to stay in the $500 range. This is great information!

  9. I use coil front and back now. I have a fox 36 with 170mm Vorsprung Smashpot so no more adjusting air pressure.👌
    but it looks like SR Suntour only have AIr option for high end forks.

  10. It will be interesting to see how these forks perform. SR Suntour is best known for its lowest tier entry level models that weigh over 5 lbs, have a spring, and no rebound damping. It will be nice to see their top performing, top tier forks in action.

  11. SRsuntour axon user here…✌️✌️✌️ Bought them last oct. ✌️✌️✌️ Love the cap btw 😁✌️✌️✌️ where can i get one? ✌️✌️✌️

  12. Great video! I've been using sr santour auron for almost two years now. I like the stiffness of 35mm stanction and the built in fender that looks great. The simplicity of the compression setup gives me the option to set and forget. I have two questions regarding sr santour since there are only few english videos thats available. 1. Does the bolt near the brakes adaptor is also the bolt for putting oil and grease inside the fork? 2. Is there a way we can buy some spacers, compression oils or fork oils outside usa? As my supplier has no idea what exactly the oil was and where to buy one. We are from asia and if you can send us some links, we gladly appreciate it. Thanks!


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