Sheasy in Goal! | Spurs 0-4 Manchester United (06/07) | Premier League Classics


Celebrate John O’Shea’s birthday today as we remember this 2007 trip to Tottenham, as the Irish defender ended up playing IN GOAL after a late injury to Edwin van der Sar during the Reds’ 4-0 win at White Hart Lane!

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  1. O'shea deserved a bonus that day. These were the continuation of days when every United play was a leader and fought for the badge. But I must say…this really is humiliation on Tottenham's part😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️. Spurs is like well known beautiful top quality escort which every club can just run just through.

  2. OH! How I missed all the M.U. greats in one game, Ferdinand, W. Rooney, C. Ronaldo, R. Gigs and most of all, Fergie!

  3. Absolutely shocking, only time I’ve ever walked out of a match, United were great on the day. I knew Ronaldo dived for that penalty and I was the other end of the stadium

  4. Maybe the only player to be 80 rated in every position John O'Shea is. He can attack and score goals, he can set them up and defend them, and even be in goal. One of the most versatile players ever.

  5. The best ever set of trio those days RONALDO, TEVEZ AND ROONEY Defenders almost pee in their pants when facing them. Lol


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