Queen's guard shoves annoying Chinese tourist out of the way – TomoNews


WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM — A video showing a Chinese tourist being shoved by a member of the Queen’s Guard has gone viral.
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  1. These are few examples of what will take place when the Chinese settle in Africa/ other Nations in 10 years time .

    – China is not santa Claus everything has been done very slowly to take control .
    – China will horde buying over all companies
    – China will control telecommunication
    – China tourist will be extremely arrogant
    – China will hold a corrupt government in power to ensure no disruption to their grand plan.
    – if government noticed or try put a stop to a lopsided future deal, funding putting countries in a tight spot .
    – China will control the supply chain
    – every business will depend on Chinese business owners for supply , the others will be eradicated by playing with stock price .
    – The Chinese owners will get dealer price much lower to ensure the above happens.
    – the local citizens will never control their own economy
    – there will be Chinese language ATM's to specially cater for business people
    – there will be whole townships that don't even bother to know local language
    – Chinese citizens will flood in to take over business
    – there will be Chinese schools to forward their agenda.
    – there will be support sector catered for only the Chinese .
    – u need to know Chinese to get employed .
    – there will be townships and property with Chinese only resident .
    – grocery stores and supermarkets will be wholly owned by the Chinese.
    – The Chinese will not work under and other local manager even if his life depended on it .
    – because of the above fact , higher management will always be Chinese.
    – because of above no other person's will fit higher management role .
    – all meetings will be done in Chinese and others won't fit in.
    – even if a few makes through for the sake of seeming to give equal employments opportunity, eventually they won't last seeing the kind of culture Chinese have against others .
    – property will be booked by Chinese , only apartment / house numbers not in favour of their numerology believes will be open for booking to the public.
    – due to this property agents will be dominated by the Chinese .
    – There will be racial tension as locals will feel they have lost the right to their land.
    -chinese always build walls . Their colony will be behind one , stopping others from gaining access .
    – in a high property value area , there would be 3 others and 97 Chinese . These 3 others will eventually move out .

  2. These ‘tourists’ from that country have no manners, no courtesy, no respect for anyone or anywhere they go. As soon as they land they think they own the country. If I did that I would be arrested

  3. Every chip shop in uk that is now also a Chinese takeaway is always dirty and has rude service. Why do we tolerate it an how are they in business

  4. How come oriental people from Japan are gorgeous and sexy yet oriental people from China are, well, Chinese?

  5. why does almost all of the mainland Chinese tourist are rude af and don’t have manners they’re so freaking annoying and noisy


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