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  • It is obvious how accurate they were with this arrangement of the human body, because everything that is active, everything that is fiery, takes place in the head. In the abdomen, however, the opposite takes place, that is the watery principle, the elimination, the activities of the liquids etc. The chest is subject to air and has at the same time a mediating function, since breathing takes place there mechanically.

    The earthy principle with its cohesion, the energy that keeps everything together, essentially represents the entire human body with all its bones and flesh.

  • As has been mentioned in the fundamental key in regards to the energies of the earth principle, the earth principle has the task of keeping the effects or activities of all three elements together in the body.
    The earth element principle in its active form is stimulating, strengthening, constructive, preserving etc…;in its negative form it is the opposite.
    The development as well as the aging of the body is subject to the earth principle.
    Many other analogies in regards to the effects of the elements in the body could be cited, but for the time being these explanations should suffice.
    Since the beginning of time, initiates have never written about the effects of the elements in detail, perhaps to prevent any misuse, although the effects were well-known to them. They divided the human body into three fundamental concepts, assigning the head to the fire principle, the abdomen to the water principle, and the chest to the air principle as the mediating principle between fire and water.

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