[PC] Max Payne (2001) Walkthrough


Title: Max Payne
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Release Date: July 23, 2001
Platform: PC
System specs: AMD Athlon X2 3800+, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 1 GB
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3

Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Gathering of Developers on July 2001 for Microsoft Windows.
The game centers around the NYPD Detective Max Payne, who attempts to avenge the murder of his family. It features a gritty neo-noir style and uses graphic novel panels (with voice-overs) in place of animated cutscenes to narrate the game, as it draws inspiration from hard-boiled detective novels by authors like Mickey Spillane. The game contains many allusions to Norse mythology, particularly the myth of Ragnarok, and several of the names used in the game are those of the Norse gods and mythos. The gameplay is heavily influenced by the Hong Kong action cinema genre, particularly the work of director John Woo, and it was the first game to feature the bullet time effect popularized by The Matrix.
The gameplay of Max Payne revolves around bullet time, a form of slow motion — when triggered, the passage of time is slowed down to such extent that the movements of bullets can be seen by the naked eye and enables Max to perform special moves. Although Payne’s movement is also slowed, the player is still able to position the aiming reticle and react in real time, providing an advantage over enemies. Occasionally, when the last character of an enemy group is killed, the viewpoint switches to a third-person view circling a falling body. Likewise, the camera may follow the path of a bullet fired from a sniper rifle.

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Because of my notebook IBM ThinkPad A31 had problems with recording of this game in graphical aspect (artefacts and glitches), I moved to the more modern PC to do this walkthrough. It is done on the “Fugitive” level of difficulty.

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Level startpoints:

00:56 – Intro Cutscene

Part I: The American Dream

02:22 – Prologue
06:28 – Chapter I: Roscoe Street Station
15:29 – Chapter II: Live From The Crime Scene
24:12 – Chapter III: Playing It Bogart
38:18 – Chapter IV: The Blood Veins Of New York
50:01 – Chapter V: Let The Gun Do The Talking
58:56 – Chapter VI: Fear That Gives Men Wings
1:10:07 – Chapter VII: Police Brutality
1:24:33 – Chapter VIII: Ragna Rock
1:38:11 – Chapter IX: An Empire Of Evil

Part II: A Cold Day In Hell

1:44:20 – Prologue
1:51:19 – Chapter I; The Baseball Bat
2:05:23 – Chapter II: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
2:19:20 – Chapter III: With Rats And Oily Water
2:33:48 – Chapter IV: Put Out My Flames With Gasoline
2:38:23 – Chapter V: Angel Of Death

Part III: A Bit Closer To Heaven

2:49:51 – Prologue
2:56:09 – Chapter I: Take Me To Cold Steel
3:06:17 – Chapter II: Hidden Truths
3:17:59 – Chapter III: The Deep Six
3:28:08 – Chapter IV: Backstabbing Bastard
3:44:45 – Chapter V: In The Land Of The Blind
3:59:21 – Chapter VI: Byzantine Power Game
4:10:30 – Chapter VII: Nothing To Lose
4:28:56 – Chapter VIII: Pain And Suffering

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  2. They were all dead.The final gunshot was na exclamation Mark to everything to lead me to this point.I release my finger from the trigger . And then was over

  3. Dead infants, murdered infants even. You won't see this kind of things anywhere now.
    And it was good, a game which shows how shitty life can be without sugarcoating bullshit or "accepted targets" for political correct, bullshit, reasons.
    Anyone can die, and anybody can be murdered.

  4. Haha my favorite while i was 16. Also love the fact when my PC sucks with the graphics all plain 0 details. I finally get 2 play in full fidelity graphics with new PC 6 months after release. I miss those painful memories.

  5. 2020 lockdown , Max payne revision chapters….fantastic..😊👌🙏,,Stay home ,stay safe…👍👍 play d game …


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