Karaoke If We Hold On Together – Diana Ross *


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* This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on www.karafun.com. This recording is a cover of If We Hold On Together as made famous by Diana Ross – This version is not the original version, and is not performed by Diana Ross. This instrumental/playback version contains a vocal guide, the lyrics and backing vocals.

All the assets on KaraFun channels are used by permission under licensing agreement with rights holders (music composition, sound re-recording).

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  1. This was from our recital, it was played from The Ross Band and my classmates are there. They are 6 members and i love they're song so i searched it here until the recital was done…

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  2. Even the late Singapore leader Mr Lee Kuan Yew played this on piano at his son, current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wedding back in 1985.

    And PM Lee and his wife Mrs Lee were singing it when they made the grand entrance.

  3. If We Hold On Together: Diana Ross
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  4. … i'm so speechess like really i love this song and are using in the school because it's so cool and of course i would love this and like this is the best song i ever heard i thought it's going to be bad or something like that not to be me not something but it's only is really really good and i can buy them singing this right


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