Is the Porsche Cayenne GTS The Best Enthusiast SUV to Own?


We drive and review a 2016 Porsche Cayenne GTS to see if it is the best used SUV on the market today and install a set of Nitto 420V Luxury & SUV Tires which turn out to be the perfect street tire for any SUV.

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  1. if those groves would work for noise then the tire brands that actually are worth the money would have done it

  2. That cayenne has the same chassi as thet touareg and the same gearbox and some of the engines are the same as well

  3. Those are a/c controls, seat buttons are on the seat. Also the Cayenne cockpit is intuitive and easy to action on the move, cause it's a car. Try a new Audi Q8 for comparison, no buttons just smudges and a load of driving with your eyes off the road.

  4. Sad, those tires full on suck. Some of the worse tires made. Took off really good set of tires. Reason price is double. Really sold out here

  5. Oh man, I love my Porsche buttons. I hate having to dig through menus to do anything. Hell, think of the amount of time your eyes are off the road to do something with a touch screen and the subsequent menus.

  6. The GTS most definitely does not have the same brakes as a Touareg. It uses the Cayenne Turbo brakes! MUCHO expensive.

  7. Even it is same VW group, Touareg may be best buy, but Cayenne is much more sportier and more superior on the road, chassis isn't the is 'sports car of suv'. Touareg is all around car and great family suv more rational buy, they are not targeted for same buyers. About the buttons, it is air plane inspired and making you feel like in cacoon, driver oriented.

  8. I appreciate that you guys were able to compare the Tuareg to the Cayenne. They both seem like nice cars depending on your needs. That Porsche is pretty sweet!

  9. I actually love the buttons. Its more cockpit like and logically more “purposeful” per switch. If it were in a touchscreen program for those buttons and settings. It would be harder to access them since you have to open it like a computer rather than the conventional switch. Plus, touchscreens dont age well overtime.

  10. i have a 2016 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid that i purchased used in 2018. it is the best daily driver I have ever owned, period. fuel efficient when you want it to be and a 5.4sec 0-60 hauler when you need it to be. they are actually adverse weather capable. she got me home without issue when i was caught in a blizzard, even after other suvs and cars around me turned around or got stuck. she's for sale if you guys are interested.

  11. My missus has a diesel Macan and its great, expensive, but I really enjoy driving it. You'll find that push button start was an option as is a heap of other things that you'd expect as standard on these particularly for thr price you pay.

  12. the diesel version is a great everyday car that tows brilliantly. near 1000km to a tank, tows like a champ and is very comfortable to cruise around in. from inside the car you would never know it was a diesel.

  13. Ok Challenge Guys ! Do a 4 door Mod M3 e E 46 and make it an SUV ! cannot cost more than 25 K and it will blow away what you are presenting today !

  14. Let's be honest we all know the e39 touring is the ultimate daily. Love your guys videos. Keep it up and God bless.

  15. I like the video, but there's a lot of assumptions, throw the tourage and Porsche on the track, towing, and fuel milage comparisons.

  16. You know, i kinda dig that road review vibe of this, well done!

    They're not my kind of car, however i do think the Diesel Cayennes, especially with Porsche extended warranty, are a pretty good dual purpose vehicle. For people who can't afford to run a big truck for towing and another car for dailying, it does seem like a good proposition.

  17. Forester XT,
    Relativley Cheap to own and maintain keeps its value, bang for your buck, to bad they pulled the plug on it

  18. The key is on the left side because of Porsche's 24 hours of Le Mans days. It was faster to turn on the ignition for the drivers when they sprinted to their cars. It's a nod to racing heritage but in an SUV.

  19. I've spent a lot of time in cayenne's, and the chassis tuning and handling dynamics are second to none. I did find the 8 speed to not want to upshift sometimes when you're driving spiritedly, but the models I drove were base v6 so its possible it's retuned for the higher trims. Most models have their share of issues that creep up across the board, but all are relatively minor and easy for an enthusiast to fix.

  20. That looks like a great fun suv guys, it’s a Porsche so it’s just in its dna. Made me really miss my old x5 4.8is. Another great episode 👍👍

  21. When I was researching sporty used SUVs I found affordable examples of the smaller Porsche SUV, but then I found that they cough up a transmission now and then, and the trans costs over 7 grand.

  22. This is like asking the question “out of all of the sexually transmitted diseases, is herpes the best?”
    I’d take an estate car or station wagon over any SUV.

  23. The most practical suv in the market whilst being sporty and decently priced is the new X5 40i. Extremely underrated vehicle

  24. That generation of the Porsche Cayenne is the best SUV imho. And I LOVE the buttons. Takes about 5 days, then you have all the buttons in your hands. Touchscreen? No thanks, need to look at it every time to point the finger at the proper menu, then select the proper item in the sub-menu, and pressing the "are you sure?" confirmation. Buttons FTW! Remember this is meant to drive 220Kmh+ on the Autobahn. I love the Porsche Cayenne Diesel S with a V8 Diesel with a lot of torque. Too bad they axed it. Great mileage as well.


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