How To DM On Instagram From A Computer

When you go on Instagram from a computer, you can view posts, stories, and even follow others. But, you may have noticed that you can’t read or send direct messages. By changing developer options, and using “Toggle Device Toolbar,” you can make your web browser replicate that of a smartphone! Here’s how to DM on Instagram from a computer.

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How To DM On Instagram From A Computer


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21 thoughts on “How To DM On Instagram From A Computer

  1. It is strange, I am using mozila firefox and when I log in to instagram from my laptop, I already have all the features, including the DM, without the need to do anything that you have shown in this video. Can someone explain me why?

  2. i am posting this comment in may 2020 ..and i just went into instagram through chrome but the DM option is already available …. soo happy they brought this feature finally into computer also..

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