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From setting fire to curtains inside an aeroplane cabin and hurling scalding noodles over a flight attendant to urinating in public places, Chinese tourists have gained a bad reputation.

One in 10 travellers world-wide is from China.

Outside of Asia, their destination of choice is France.

Despite complaints from locals, officials in Paris want to double the number of Chinese visitors to five million a year.

101 East asks what it will take to turn the plane loads of first-time travellers from China into well behaved sightseers.

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  1. "Stephanie wants to be clear that sh's not against chinese" Well, she should be , but only to those disgusting mainland Chinese, not to any other ethnicity of chinese outside China

  2. I don't know where should I be more offended, to the constant adjustment of the business owners to rude tourists or the quarreling and fighting by the tourists among themselves or to another people.

  3. I just find it fascinating how we all just get information on what to do and what to avoid and we'll stick to it. pretty normal to get those customs explained to tourists before they'll enter etc. Why Chinese tourists didn't know (or just don't care)…

  4. instead of limiting chinese tourist bad behavior….just arrange for one of the itinerary program to be those bad behavior….1) spitting….arrange for half an hour of spitting activity at a common place for Chinese tourist….everyone 'must' spit….and no one leaves until they finish spitting….2) bathing in the tourist fountain…..arrange for a fountain to do a public bathing for 1 hour…and no chinese tourist leaves until they finish bathing everyone must bath…..3)…any other activity

  5. Can some Chinese person please explain to me why people are so rude. one more question any Korean or Japanese have any bad experiences with Chinese people

  6. "When in Rome, do what the Romans do." Guess that's something many Mainland Chinese tourists have yet to learn.

  7. I went to the Lake District in England to find thousands of Chinese people with cameras complaining to store owners and saw a Chinese kid about the age of 8 kicking a swan and his parents just allowing it.(edit) also some asking for expensive stuff for free

  8. And now, CORONAVIRUS is here, this title would be change. HOW NOT TO BE A CHINESE TOURIST so you can go anywhere in the world. They are business minded people ever since at the time before MAGELLAN according to my GRANDPAS of GRANDPAS of GRANDPAS riding in boats as stores reaching other countries. If they see something that could earn more money, whatever it takes , they will absolutely SELL it. That is why you could see in WUHAN that they sell almost everything. The problem here is their Government doesn't have any plans to controls it. They just care for money. The good thing is they may have a good side but when you talk about money, they see it as like the WORLD REVOLVES AROUND IT. These RICHEST NATIONS MOSTly firstworld thinks they are in control, but unlikely the DRAGON is already have his 7 CROWNS in them and controls their economy. They were being fooled secretly. SO we are waiting what would happen next to the Next Horsemen to come.

  9. This practice of Chinese tourists bringing their own tour guides needs to stop. The tour company is China based, the guide is China based. None of the money stops in the country they're visiting, it all ends up back in China. They claim they are good for tourism because of the money it brings, but they go to great lengths to make sure it all goes back to China. They even have souvenir shops setup in the countries they visit so the shopping money ends up back in China too

  10. 16:34 "What's more, we Chinese are here…adding to the beauty!, Yes, making it more beautiful! More enchanting."
    How ironic the Chinese really are….LOL


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