HELLOWEEN – Forever And One (Neverland) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

“Forever And One (Neverland)”, a powerful ballad written by singer Andi Deris, was the second single from HELLOWEEN’s album “The Time Of The Oath” from 1996.

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Composer: Andi Deris
Publisher: Warner Chappell Music GmbH

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31 thoughts on “HELLOWEEN – Forever And One (Neverland) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. What can I do?

    Will I be getting through?

    Now that I must try

    To leave it all behind

    Did you see

    What you have done to me

    So hard to justify

    Slowly is passing by

    Forever and one

    I will miss you

    However, I kiss you

    Yet again

    Way down in Neverland

    So hard I was trying

    Tomorrow I'll still be crying

    How could you hide

    Your lies, your lies

    Here I am

    Seeing you once again

    My mind's so far away

    My heart's so close

    to stay

    Too proud to fight

    I'm walking back into night

    Will I…

  2. It's clearly that this is BEST ROCK BALLAD SONG EVER IN THE WORLD

    Ps Form VIET NAM with love

  3. inget dlu dgrin ni lgu pas lwt dpn rumah ttga yg suka musik rock..skrg orgnya udh pindah ntah kmn..😢 smpe skrg jd suka musik rock..!

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