First Ride on the NEW Yamaha R1!

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The Yamaha R1, a bike I am plenty familiar with. I owned by 2009 Yamaha R1 for 4 years before switching things up and getting my 2nd R6, the new 2017 version. But I’ve always said, even back when I owned my R1, that I’d like to get one of the new ones once they did the mid-cycle refresh. Believe it or not, I still hadn’t ridden a new gen R1. But today, that all changes. Here is my First Ride, Hot Take, Motorcycle Review on the 2017 Yamaha R1. Thanks RideWithJT for letting me take this thing out!
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  • Dang son you passed my house

  • You say you’re in Texas but I’m telling you bro, that’s my home town in Paulding County

  • sounds like v4

  • This is beutifull, but they should give you the choice for an inline4. In low rpm, this sounds like my ninja 400, lol

  • Yo that’s crazy that I just seen this video and u rode on the rode right by my house on ridge road.

  • I wanna ride monster bikes like this but the price it's just.. Yeah I'll just rape my suzuki raider 150 till i squeeze the amount i paid for it.. Keep on dreaming me hahaha

  • Slim thicc r1

  • Wait…is this groove street? haha

  • Lol jt does all my tires on my bike I live 2 minutes from his house lol

  • Look at that sexy beast 😍 Blue, red, Black and grey is the best colour for a Yamaha in my opinion.Ive got the smaller version … I like it but wish it was faster 🙁

  • Does r6 sound better?

  • What country is that? Look at those roads :O

  • Bro that’s not a good enough excuse to sell it shame on you bro grow a set 😂🇦🇺

  • Test

  • hey @motonosity.. love your videos. loved your r1. I got a couple questions if you dont mind.. I got a 2009 and 2011 r1. my 09 is flashed with toce quads.. my 2011 is running a shorty voodoo.. now I'm curious when your crusing not really trying to haul ass @ what rpms do you usually shift up @? when do you shift outta 1st? what's the best rpm to down shift at? now when shifting up is it bad if the rpms are dropping 1 or 2k when shifting? sorry for the questions but seeing we you had same year r1, maybe you could help me out. I greatly appreciate it and your videos! keep up the great work and stay safe out there! The r1 in this video is really great looking!

  • is 5'9 height just ok with r1 ??

  • Can you give me 1?😅😅

  • Hi sir! i love to watch your videos. from philippines

  • Another annoying person!

  • ericeric

    Author Reply

    Great review! Which bike would you say has the best comfort and leg room for someone 6'5" between this and the s1000rr? I have a 2017 Cbr 1000rr but I've never tried the R1 or S1000rr in comparison. Thanks!

  • Had forgotten to drop a like on this video back then. Dropping by again 😋

    PS : Love this over your new S1KRR 😛

  • I personally really really love this bike in a grey, it’s too bad they are $23,000Au

  • BJ GBJ G

    Author Reply

    Did I miss his dimensions? Anyone know his height and weight?

  • I’m 15 and just can’t wait till I can buy one of these

  • 2:04 Yes Yes Yes Yamaha 😉

  • Motonosity, which is better? Yamaha R1 or BMW S1000RR?????

  • 86 in a school zone. Way to literbike, bro. :/

  • Too zippy. Yawn. . .

  • Such a beautiful bike and wonderful sound. I got a 15 zx6r 636 I need a liter bike now I'm torn between the new BMWS1000RR or the new R1 😭😭