English lesson – Words to talk about TOURISM


In this English lesson you will learn some of the main words we use in English to talk about tourism.

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  1. If you need traditional tourism, come to TORAJA City…!!!

    Buffalo Cutting for The Death Ceremony in Toraja City, South East, Indonesia.

  2. Amazing! Really helpful i have an exam tomorrow about tourism and that was absolutely beneficial . Thank u and we are waiting your new.

  3. Thanks a lot because you provide us teaching materials for our English classes nowadays with the preeminence of IT.

  4. Many others are saying that they were familiar with some options in the video ,but in my case I never knew any of them till now so I am sending special regards to Mr.Stuart ,I loved the video.

  5. Thank you! This is p useful 'cause I'm familiar with most of these but not some (especially the kinds of stays part).

  6. Your videos are very useful. I can say your voice is easy to hear, the clips are concise enough and words are popular and up-to-date.

  7. Hi. I have to do an exam to get the licence of tourist guide; I found your video very useful to pratice with a part of terminology I need… You do a great work helping people from all over the world!! Have you done other videos about this topic? Greetings from Italy


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