Chaeyeon's shocking confession: "I'm ready to date anyone, Suhong OK, Saeho Ok"[Happy Together]


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▶ Happy Together Ep.521 | 해피투게더 (한은정, 김지민, 채연, 정채연, 휘성 , 홍진영, 선미, 워너원)
[Part.1 LAN Girlfriend special : Han Eunjung, Kim Jimin, Chaeyeon, Jeong Chaeyeon]
Han Eunjung is a chic and lovely rising star in variety television. Kim Jimin is the original pretty comedian you want to flirt with. The original sexy diva Chaeyeon is even sexy when she cries. And the next icon of first love after Suzy, Jeong Chaeyeon of DIA. Meet these amazing guests!

[Part.2 Sing My Song : Wheesung, Hong Jinyoung, Sunmi, Wanna One] : Hong Jinyoung has become a hit producer with the success of “Ring Ring.” Now Wheesung wants sing a song she wrote? How did Yongman give Wanna One culture shock the last time they were on Happy Together? Watch Sunmi and Kang Daniel do an impromptu performance together! All this and more on Sing My Song!

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  1. I think kim jong kook should go on a date with chaeyeon. Both are willing to get married and even know each other.

  2. Fo real tho, her smiling eyes are million dollars. I've been wanting to marry her for the past 10+ years lol come to me noona! I will treat you right.

  3. to think that she loved lee seung gi, and he loved her back, like 12 years ago, he was a really lucky bastard back then xD, but i think they were both afraid of the age gap and the public criticism at that time

  4. She watched my mom's diary that means she watched Kim Jong kook parts too. I have shipped Chae yeon with kim Jong kook since Xman you see. If destiny connect them together then it would be so beautiful because it would be a fan marrying her idol.

  5. You see how in korea they can easily mention drinking on national tv? I don’t think in America people really do that unless it’s shows like jersey shore. Lol

  6. I absolutely didn't know anything about her until I knew she was definitely my type during the Of Course Game of Running Man,i felt attracted by her innocence and beauty and yep,she is really charming.

  7. I have to say something about char yeon to all of you. She has a very strong personality and is very independent. She was a little old to be a training teen at time time and she was working so hard to be a star when she was almost 30 years old. I think she is so talented and hard-working person. That is why I like her and admired her as same as before. I hope you guys can understand how pretty inside she is.

  8. I remember chae yeon as kpop’s Wilma Ford. Sexy as hell next to hyori lee. Let me slide in with chance date chae yeon 😂


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