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  1. 1.Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    2.Assassin's Creed Unity
    3.Assassin's Creed 3
    4.Assassin's Creed 2
    Only this 4 is the best Assassin's Creed Series.

  2. this is bad, Ac 2 was boring as hell but it got the first place(my personal opinion)
    i am triggered to the core, even revelation was better than ac2
    my personel favourites are ac3, ac1 and ac4
    even the buggiest mess of a game syndicate got better positions than ac3 and mainly ac1.
    Ac3 definitely had a slow start but the ending was heart touching.

  3. Black flag is definitely my personal favorite, it gave me so much hype and satisfaction, however the list is perfect for me

  4. Ac3 was fun and honestly Conor's lack of character was actually fitting for his character. However, I honestly think that Revelations was the best AC game out there.

  5. I'm not a gamer in the least, just a sword nerd(and classical musician) who rode the algorithms here. But good on the makers of A.C. for not conforming to the stupid Hollywood practice of having the characters wear their swords on their backs! It almost made me shed a tear of joy! Back scabbards were never a thing in history, people… ever! The worst part of it is that if you know this, they look really dumb. If you ever want to know why this is, find a friend with a sword(preferably one with a scabbard), hold it against your back, or have them hold it against your back in the usual position we see on TV, in games, etc., and try to draw it from the scabbard.

  6. AC was a great game, sincerely the only thing that made it special was the boat
    Which was crazy, and I love it

  7. What made AC2 great more than anything was the setting of the game (Renaissance Italy) and historic characters (Da Vinci, Machiavelli, etc.). No other AC game made me feel like I was living in the era it was meant to be, not even AC3.

  8. Origins and Odyssey are trash. No one that lists either of them anywhere near the top can be taken seriously.

    Black Flag is by far the best. Rogue and 3 are a close #2 and #3.

  9. I agree with the #1 spot, all the characters had so much personality, they were very memorable, plus the story got you immersed from the moment Ezio watched his family die right to the end.

  10. I might get some looks for that, but I never really liked the Ezio games. But wait! Before you trash talk me, here's why: I could never connect to Ezio, because to me he didn't have that warrior like Additude. The Assassin-Stealth-Factor was a little bit too much too for me. Also the parkour was pretty wonky not not really smooth and connecting.
    This is why Unity is my favorite. As a parkour guy myself, I enjoyed the parkour a lot. I know…. Half of it can't even be pulled off in reality but it was so elegant and smooth and connecting…I fell in love with it immediately. And Syndicate was pretty awesome because I just loved the Additude of the twins. Just wanting to kick ass all day. It was fun. We can have a calm discussion of why you agree/disagree with me 🙂


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