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Jeremy Clarkson strokes his fingers over the motor cathedral that is the Bentley Arnage T before powering it around the Top Gear track in this fantastic clip. Subscribe to Top Gear:

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  1. at 5:23 they rearrange the crowd so that the faces of women are shown but in regular show its the guy in blue jeans and black jacket standing there

  2. Green label on the track T in the studio drove the pile of ????? For 3 years as a Chauffeur spent more time in the work shop all three cars

  3. The great thing about these now is that they cost about as much as a new car, the only bad thing is I can’t afford a new car.

  4. How’s a car that powerful and expensive not have an LSD? Lol I never knew that it was a one wheel peeler

  5. The Flying Spur was the fastest saloon car in the world in 2010, a 200mph dragon with 4 doors & whisper quiet.

  6. I actually prefer this old barge from 2002 to the current Bentley range! Now they just look and feel too much like pimped up VWs to me. The Bentayga especially.

    Still undoubtedly flashy but somehow not quite as elegant as they used to be. BMW did a slightly better job with Rolls Royce….until they dropped that Cullinan monstrosity that is!

  7. Designed by Steve Harper of MGA studios in 1991 alongside its sister the Rolls Royce Silver seraph

  8. Wow those front outside wheels while drifting peeled back their sidewalls and was nearly rolling on its rims


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