Badly behaved tourists: Chinese tourists clear out fruit plate in seconds – Compilation


1. Mar 25, 2016 — A video capturing a group of Chinese tourists clearing out a fruit plate at a hotel in Vietnam has gone viral on social media.

2. Mar 21, 2016 — A group of Chinese tourists were caught on camera shoveling large amounts of prawns onto their plates.

3. Jul 25, 2014 — You’ve probably heard stories about Chinese parents letting their children urinate and defecate in the subway and on the street. But if you think that’s bad, check out this story about a boy who took an epic dump in the cabin of an airplane.

4. Dec 18, 2014 — It has good week for Chinese tourists intent on creating havoc in airplanes, and not so good for the people inconvenienced by their insane antics. One case so shocked the Chinese internet that Beijing has vowed to punish those involved.

5. Dec 15, 2015 — A Chinese passenger who is also an assistant professor from U Penn attempted to upgrade himself on a United Airlines flight with embarrassing results. The flight was bound from Shanghai to New York City and was delayed due to the passenger’s antics.

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  1. Měiguó zhèngfǔ qǐng bùyào ràng zhèxiē tǎoyàn de, āng zāng de, tānlán de zhōngguó rén yǒngyuǎn bǎ suǒyǒu dōngxī dū chī diào!

  2. I’m chinese and I think I can say that there’s a lot of rude Chinese tourist because there is a huge population in China. I’m chinese yet I never disrespect any country and I don’t want some idiots in China make others think different about me

  3. What do you guys think?

    Other countries Chinese better than Mainland Chinese


    Mainland Chinese better than other countries Chinese

    Reply down here

  4. Remember that chocolate scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory? Where when wonka announced about the golden ticket and every lady in NY took every boxes of chocolate within seconds? If anything is rare, they’re gonna take it. That’s how humans work.

  5. Some years ago, We were asked to leave an Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, because we talk too loudly according to the Italian owner. We were upset then, but that didn’t last long. I actually went to the restaurant with my voice down and the Chinese manager actually apologise for the incident. We must learn to respect each other and we al feel much happier.

  6. The only “desirable” “Chinese” are Hong Kongers and Taiwanese. Very gracious people, fun, polite, an actual understanding of the world because they haven’t had some communist rat infiltrate their brain..

  7. They are giving east asians as a whole a bad name, Japanese tourists have one of the best sets of manners, Other east asians must be frustrated and angry.

  8. It's only Chinese Mainland tourists that spit everywhere and behave badly, got a kollege from Hongkong and he's so embarrassed by the chinese visiting the Hotel we work at.
    When asked if he's Chinese, he always says hes from Taiwan because mainlanders don't like it when you say Taiwan is it's own country.

  9. Free Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet. I doubt they want to be associated with disgusting CCP in the first place.🇨🇦

  10. They are the worst tourists ever! Also in Paris, France they spit on people, and beat each other up if there is a sellout in a shop, to get the last thing on sale!


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