A Ho Chi Minh City Food Tour with Back of the Bike Tours


Our Ho Chi Minh City Food Tour, A Taste of Vietnam, is our most popular product since our opening in 2011. Our menu has evolved greatly over the years to match the tastes and demand of hungry travelers coming to Saigon.

What will we eat on your Ho Chi Minh City Food Tour?

We have multiple tours that run everyday and the menu is different for each tour. Some examples of dishes we might have on our food tours:

Banh Uot, a steamed rice paper that we use to wrap around roasted meat, julienned mango, and fresh herbs. Served with 4 dipping sauces like sweet fish sauce or pureed sticky rice with shrimp.

Bun Thit Nuong, rice noodles served under grilled pork belly, ground pork sausage, fried spring rolls, fresh herbs, peanuts, and chili. The whole dish is covered in a sweet fish sauce with pickles and eaten at room temprature. You can find this dish all over Ho Chi Minh City and it has been a staple on our Afternoon food tour for many years.

How much is your food tour?

Our food tour prices range depending on if its a group tour or a private tour. Also our night tour is more expensive than our street food tour in the afternoon. You can check out all of our prices on our website at

Where will we go during the tour?

Our Tours are only in Ho Chi Minh City, but we do get outside of the very center of the city pretty quickly on every tour. Our Taste of Vietnam will take you to District 1, 3, 10, and 5 as we make our way through the night on motorbikes. Our food tour in the Afternoon, Big Eats & Small Seats, is all about street food so we will explore a little bit further. The traffic is lighter in the afternoon in Saigon, so that help us travel greater distances in a short amount of time. On the afternoon tour we will go through Districts 1,3,10,5, and 8.

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Explore a tasting menu of dining stops that show off the best of the best in Ho Chi Minh City with our Taste of Vietnam Tour.

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