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When originally launched back in 2015, the Honda CBR 650F, on paper at least, was almost tailor made for India. A mid-capacity inline-four motor for that right ‘superbike’ engine sound. A fairing for that superbike look and a power output that is invigorating without being intimidating. And it came in at under Rs 10-lakh on-road as well. But now for 2018, Honda has brought in an updated version of the bike, but it doesn’t seem to be much different than the bike it replaces.

A new LED headlight, updated colours and graphics, different coatings for the engine cases and swingarm dominate the visual changes. And some slight changes to the intake, exhaust and gear ratios round off the mechanical changes. So is the CBR650F doing enough to stay relevant in an era when competitors such as Kawasaki and Suzuki are offering more powerful 4-cylinder nakeds for not much more money? Turns out, the CBR’s proposition is still rather attractive…

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  1. The fuel efficiency figures – what were you smoking when you typed those numbers? In which world does it return that economy? C'mon guys… matlab kuch bhi??!??

  2. Greetings Zigwheels im finalizing on my purchase for 650cc.
    I wanted to know ur valuable experience on Ninja 650 vs CBR650.

    **In my city Chennai no test drive available for both bikes so have to decide with blind eye. My main concerns are
    1) I want a long reliable easy to maintain 650cc with good mileage.
    2)My usage is mostly for commuting and yearly once touring possibly.
    3)CBR is 2lakh expensive than ninja, Will the service cost of ninja make the difference amount negligible.
    4)My daily driver is 2018 CBR250R. Can u compare the vibrations on ninja 650 to 250.

    Ur views are really important in my decision. Thanks in advance..

  3. That saree guard … "dhoom machani hai but maryada or sanskriti main rah kar" 😀
    Now before you people blow me, yes I know you need to have it on bike for registration purpose.
    It just looks funny. 😀

  4. 0-100 in 4.76"?? Who do you have doing those tests? I can easily do it in 3.85" – 3.90" and I weigh 165lbs.


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