2018 Honda CBR650F Review | MC Commute


It’s another commute with Zack! As usual, please feel free to suggest a bike you want to see featured here. If we get enough comments, we’ll do our best to send him home on that one next.

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This bike by the numbers:

Base Price: $8749 (+$500 for ABS)
Displacement: 649cc
Measured Weight: 472 lb. (214 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gal. (17.4L)
Seat Height: 31.9 in. (810mm)
Measured Horsepower: 79 @ 10,760 rpm
Measured Torque: 42.5 lb.-ft. @ 8740 rpm

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  1. do you know any aggressive looking motorcycles for beginners? I love the aggressive position on bikes but all beginner bikes are so upright. Any suggestions?

  2. The Yamaha Fz6 is the bike to get. Not to be confused with the fz6r! The fz6 is extremely comfy. Fast and has great 4 cylinder torque at even 4 or 5 thousand rpm. And it screams to 14,000 rpm and makes 100 horsepower at 12,000. Look at the 2007-2009 fz6. Half the price of these bike and 20 more horsepower.

  3. Honda is crazy to charge $9K for that bike. I would buy an MT-09 instead of this or a Ninja 650 for a beginner rider.

  4. How you would compare the acceleration to a Bonneville t100? I have this triumph but this catches my eye. The Honda has less cc but i believe the drive might fun enough for me. Any thought?

  5. For touring, would you say this bike is better than the MT07 or Nina 650 with the added weight? I'm thinking the added weight would provide more stability in the freeway and less fatiguing.

  6. I am looking to buy this bike new(leftover 2018) and this video was exactly what I was looking for. Even more I think the bike is exactly what I am looking for. Not your taste I understand, but perfect for my use. Thanks!

  7. Its called a middleweight because 650cc but its priced to compete with fz 09 ,z900s and street triples, but it delivers none of their benefits and all of their costs.
    It also has none of the torque and lightweight of the modern 650s(sv or mt07)

    Its a really confused bike by honda that is outclassed in every way and measure by its competition, in regards to PRICE, WEIGHT and CHARACTER.

  8. Such a tough call between this bike the mt-07 and the ninja 650 or z650. Think in leaning towards the ninja 650. So hard to decide do I want a 4 cylinder engine note or a twin note!!

  9. I dont agree with your price critics. In your other Video you say a zx6r for 12 k is cheap. Basically this one in a daily use is not much slower and is more capable in Touring and commuting. Also people who want a Sport Bike dont buy a tractor 2 cylinder engine which doesnt Rev very good and is much cheaper in Produktion cost. This Bike basically is a niche product for poeple who liked the old 90s 600 Sport Bikes and im thankful you can buy them for an affordable price . I think These new 2 cylinder Hype makes all the Bikes the Same and boring. Btw i got this one as a Deal for 6999 Brand new .

  10. Would rather have the 2014 VFR800. Can find brand new ones on the showroom floor (still!!) for the same $ as one of these, but you get the lovely v4 engine. They are a little heavier though

  11. He stops at 7:13 and the traffic light holds him above minute and a half…quite a waiting in case you rush for work 😀

  12. How does it compare to the old cbr 600 F? I loved the old sports touring machine. these seem to be down on power & performance,

  13. I have this bike and I am fully satisfied for street use, even the odd sporty but legal ride and a daily commute.

    The small inline 4 beats every thumper and twin regarding versatility up to relaxed riding while still retaining some reserves in legal traffic. It is unobtrusive and compliant if driven with some feeling and reminiscent of it's limits. If you buy this for the looks and then complain it is no R or RR – well. No. It is not. And it was never meant to be.

    It is unfortunately the only option left for someone looking for an affordable sub-750 inline 4 with fairings and a more relaxed approach to riding than a R(R) while still being a hunch sportier than a pure naked.

    I also bet against 95% of all the ppl who complain about this bike's power, weight ratio, torque, non-adjustable fork etc. that they believe themeselves to be street Rossi while unable to ride even this bike close to it's limit.

  14. Are you seriously comparing the CBR650 to the MT07? The MT07 is tiny…for girls really!
    Btw that inline 4 is awesome and you have some really strange preferences. So go buy a girlie bike and fk off

  15. As an owner I…
    ease of use
    ABS (saved me a couple of times)
    wind protection (more than naked)
    mileage ( I get about 50)

    Don't like:
    weight (needs to be low 400's)
    no gear indicator

    Overall I bought mine new in 2018 and almost a year later I'm bored with it. This is my second bike that I have EVER owned. The one before this was a Suzuki 80 DS about 30 years ago.

  16. It's good to have some heft for ride control and comfort. 472 pounds is not the end of the world; this obsession with light weight is ridiculous as far as the street is concerned. you are not riding a race track. My 1990s Katana was 540 pounds and CBR1000F was almost 600 and I flung them around with no prob down to peg the feelers when safe and riding single. Most street riders I see do not seem to understand or utilize counter steering and lack good riding skills that can compensate for a bit of heft.

    One advantage the older bikes had was their plush passenger accommodation. Today's bikes look ugly with having a non existent back end. The passenger perches are precarious and not practical. Plus it was fun to have a girlfriend as a passenger for longer trips. The bike sounds good. Thanks for the review.


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